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Cooking and biereneten Passion

Eating and drinking are basic needs. Give in to your sense of adventure and join us on a culinary journey. We will combine the tastiest artisan beers with the most delicious dishes. This can take place as a degustation or in partnership with our top chef Kurt De Coster.

Enjoying the combination of great food and surprisingly great BEER is a gift you will definitely want to share with your friends, family, customers and co-workers!

Bon Appetit!

BEER and cheese:

A gastronomic revolution is quietly taking place in this country that aims to challenge wine's supremacy as the cheese-pairing beverage of choice.

The flavours of BEER and cheese – earthy, yeasty, musty, fruity, rich, toasty, florl, combine in a way that many feel those of wine and cheese cannot.

The simple fact is that cheese and BEER are ideal partners.
Try for instance a Brie with Oude Kriek or a Oude Postel with Great Divide Titan Ipa.

This includes the tasting of six BEERs and six cheeses and the search for the ideal pairing.
280€ for the first 8 participants (28€ for each additional participant).


With your help we create delicious dishes and combine them with the best artisan beers. Prices and ingredients are established in mutual agreement.

Our chef at these events is: Kurt De Coster °1977

Favourite beer:
"Caracole" from the Caracole brewery and "Barley Wine" from the Emellise brewery.

Favourite dish with beer:
  • grilled fish
  • slightly baked sea lavender
  • confit of new potatoes in goose fat
wonderful with the Emelisse DIPA!

Cooking and Passion
I could barely walk when I was already getting under my mother’s feet in her kitchen. My future was swiftly decided: I would become a professional chef. At the age of twelve I enrolled at the hotel school in Wemmel. Six years later and one year specializing in hotel management, I took my first steps into the world of gastronomy.

The kitchens of Belgium became too small for me after a while and I departed on a trip around the world. For eight years I worked in internationally renowned hotel chains, an exclusive golf club in Ireland, a beach side restaurant in Sidney and in one of the most chaotic restaurants in Tokyo. And then there were the violently rising and falling cruise ship galley kitchens

I was born and raised in the Flemish part of Brabant, among a wealth of local products in both solid and liquid form. It’s a kind of luxury I enjoy combining with my travelling experience. With my eye for innovation, I will conjure up surprising combinations on your plate.

Be my travel companion on an exploratory journey into new fusions of beer and gastronomy.

Bon Appetit!