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BEER tastings &welcome
BEER events

BEER tastings & BEER events Enjoy colour, aroma and taste.
Taste “savoir faire” and tradition.
Bow to the character in the glass.... and be part of the genuine BEER story!

brings craft beers to you by means of BEER tastings and BEER events.
Join us on our journey through the fascinating BEER world.

BEER is the magical combination of water, malt, hops and yeast. It is a unique product in which craft brewers have put their heart and soul. During our BEER tastings you can taste talent, atmosphere and the tales behind these excellent BEERS.

BEER@home offers you customised BEER events. With profound knowledge, experience and natural charm we try to transmit the love of the brewer for his BEER with:

foto_hop teken Do you already smell the BEER? Do you want to entertain yourself, your guests and clients with an extraordinary BEER? Do you want to surprise someone with an exclusive, original and delicious gift?
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BEER@home, the tasteful story.